Cost Basis Calculator

We are pleased to announcement the availability of the NetBasis Cost Basis System. NetBasis is an IRS approved cost basis calculator. NetBasis will automatically calculate the cost basis for your Medtronic stock, by adjusting for any corporate actions or dividend reinvestments. All you need to get started is your purchase/acquisition dates, number of shares or amount acquired and sold and your sale dates. Following your data inputs, you will have your Cost Basis, Gain/Loss and Sale Proceeds as well as the current status of your investment. NetBasis will also provide you with supporting documentation if you were to ever need it for future planning or any IRS related audits.

To use the NetBasis Cost Basis system click on the NetBasis Cost Basis link below. This will take you to the NetBasis system where you can purchase a cost basis calculation.

If you have any questions using the NetBasis system, you can call their 24/7 Customer Care Call Center, 1-888-80-BASIS (1-888-802-2747) or use the Live Web Chat service located on the Help button once you have logged on to the system.